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Boob Savior

Meet Boob Savior, our miracle boob tape remover, designed...
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Pro Stylist Kit II

"Incredible support, best boob tape I've tried!" Roxanne 34E

Pro Stylist Kit II

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All of our best-selling solutions for 24% less! 

WHAT YOU GET (Save 24%)

• The Game Changer Lift & Shape Bra (4 Pairs) $49
• No-Show Reusable Nipple Covers (3in or 4in) $26
• 3in Wide Shape Tape Breast Tape $29
• FREE Shipping + 90 Day FREE Returns

With great cleavage comes great responsibility. Please read the instructions carefully and the safety guidelines here

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No Show Size
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Frequently Bought Together:

Boob Savior

Meet Boob Savior, our miracle boob tape remover, designed...
Regular price $19.99
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How to Apply

Game Changer with Shape Tape Tutorial (36D)

Game Changer for X-Large Busts

Lift Tutorial for Breasts with Low Volume

How to Remove

Boob Savior Tutorial

How To Remove Boob Tape Effortlessly


NOOD Solutionwear works for ALL Sizes!

In between sizes?

Size up, the bra can always be trimmed smaller.

Need a larger size?

You can stack multiple bras together or wear with Shape Tape to create your custom level of support!

Size Chart


Skin Safety

With great cleavage comes great responsibility

NOOD adhesive products are made with very strong acrylic adhesive. This means that while this provides the lift and support our customers know and love, these products must be used with proper care and only in accordance with the instructions. Always remove with oil or with the NOOD Boob Savior Adhesive remover.
Please read all information on the Skin Safety page to avoid skin injury. Your tatas will thank you.

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Pro Stylist Kit II
Regular price $89.00
$89.00 Sale price Regular price $117.00 Save 24%
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Game Changer Size:
No Show Size:

Rated 4.9/5

with over 400,000 units sold worldwide!

Loved & Trusted by Real Women

Review Image

My go to secret!

Nood is my go-to secret for an instant boob lift! I ordered the Pro Stylist Kit and the lift and support is unreal, its my favorite and so customizable for any outfit and seriously so easy to apply! It has become such a staple in my wardrobe!

- Gabi Menard | 36D
Review Image

“Made me feel Beautiful!

I am a 34G and could never wear the cute spaghetti strap dresses or anything backless… this changed the game. Made me feel so sexy and beautiful! And SUPPORTED! I didn’t worry once.

— Romi Calypso | 34G
Review Image

“Works for my K cup breasts!”

Yes, it actually works for larger busts! I have used it time and time again with my K-cup breasts and it works every time. It gives me a crazy amount of support, it's all about the application and sometimes it gives me even better support than a regular bra!

— Saterra St. Jean | 38K
Review Image

“WOW, the difference!”

Y’all. I am a large chested woman. The difference and support is unbelievable. I use the Game Changer Size 4 supported on the sides with strips of Shape Tape and they’re perfect for halters and backless tops. No back fat from a bra strap?! Crazy!

— Naomi Native | 48H
Review Image

“Boob lift without surgery!”

I love adhesive bras and not all adhesive bras are created equal, I love the Nood Game Changer bra and the lift that it gives me. I'm a 36DDD and this lets me wear open-back tops, and strapless dresses, this is a fashionista's dream if you have a large bust!

— Frankie Tavares | 36DDD
As Styled By You
Lift + Support
Supports, shapes and dramatically lifts ALL sizes
Breathable, sweat-proof and water-proof
Moves with you and invisible under any outfit
Hemp uses 5x less water than cotton
Multiple skin tones and size options


Using technology invented for athletes but designed for your boobs for reliable lift, shape and support that’s first of its kind.

The Game Changer is a lifting and shaping adhesive bra that works for larger breast sizes and is guaranteed to stay on no matter what the temperature outside. Designed with a team of female engineers, the bra cups are designed to lift the breasts while creating a round and full breasted look. Ready to use out of the box, no cutting or personal stylist needed.

The NOOD Way

"We don’t claim to be perfect, but we tirelessly pursue to be as sustainable as possible, because we believe that it is our responsibility to do what is right for our planet. It takes longer, it costs more, but is the right thing to do. We evaluate the most sustainable options throughout our entire supply chain. Everything, from the materials we use in our products, to the packaging, to the way your order is delivered has been thought through. Where we have not been able to eliminate plastic, we work with RePurpose to eliminate twice the amount of plastic we use from the environment. We are on a mission to set a new paradigm of sustainability in fashion."
- Astrid Montalta, CEO & Founder
Frequently Asked Questions
Are they reusable? How many times I can wear them?
Each pair is one-time single use. There are 4 pairs (4 right + 4 left) in each pack.
Do they work on larger cup sizes?
Yes! We created these specifically with larger and heavy breasts in mind. Please refer to the size chart and you can also get extra coverage by stacking multiple pairs or combining with our shape tape for extra support.
Which size should I get?
Please refer to the size chart on the product page. If you are unsure, we recommend going 1 size up because you can always trim the bra down to a smaller size for a perfect fit.
Will these fall of while sweating?
The Game Changer Bra is guaranteed sweat proof. We are using technology invented for athletes designed specifically for your boobs. It will NOT come off with sweat due to the breathable hemp fabric fibers and unique adhesive application technology that allows sweat and air to evaporate. The adhesive is heat activated and fully bonds to the skin after 20-30 minutes and continues to adhere stronger due to body heat and warm outdoor temperatures.
How long can you wear them?
The Game Changer will stay on until you take it off. As a safety precaution we recommend first time users try the test strips and only wear the bra for 2-3 hours at a time to see how your skin reacts and gradually build up with time.
Is the Game Changer waterproof? Can I swim with them?
You need to be dry when applying the bra so that the adhesive can adhere to the skin. After applying the bra wait 30 minutes for the adhesive to fully bond with your skin. Once fully adhered you can go swimming and get wet!
We use the highest quality medical grade adhesive that is guaranteed sweat proof and waterproof when applied correctly. If the product did not stick, there are usually 3 culprits:
(1) Repositioning. This is THE most common issue. The nature of the Game Changer tape and Shape Tape adhesive is that it can not be repositioned or restuck. Once it makes contact with the skin, it can not be removed and reapplied. A new strip or pair would need to be used. I know this can be frustrating and seem wasteful when learning how to use the product, but it is the limitation of this type of adhesive. However, once applied correctly, the product should not move until it is removed with oil or our remover.
(2) The chest area was not oil-free enough. This can be from using an extra moisturizing shower cream, or generally having an oilier skin type. We recommend cleansing with an alcohol residue-free astringent or non-moisturizing soap and water, or our Skin Prep is perfect for this. The skin must be dry and free of excess oils that can prevent the adhesive from sticking.
(3) Chest area was not dry enough or damp. If applied right after the shower, there might still be too much moisture in the skin. That dewy feel is usually a sign that all the moisture hasn't yet been absorbed or dried fully, and this can prevent getting good adhesion. However, once your skin is properly dry, and the product is applied correctly, it can withstand water and sweat!
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