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Why Our Customers Are Obsessed With The Game Changer Bra
1.Lifts and supports
This bra is different from other regular strapless bras. It supports, shapes and dramatically lifts to give you the look you want.
2.Worry free
No need to worry about slipping or the need to adjust. The Game Changer and its patented design offers breathable, sweatproof and waterproof coverage.
3.Invisible comfort
Concerned about your bra showing? That won’t happen with The Game Changer. It moves with you and is invisible under any outfit.
4.Inclusive (a-g cups)
The days of finding only white and beige bras are long gone. We’re proud to offer this bra in multiple skin tones and size options.
5.Skin safe
Those with sensitive skin don’t have to stress about a potentially harmful bra — the Game Changer is hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved.
Did you know that hemp uses 5 times less water than cotton? And it’s just as comfortable.
Made from sustainable Hemp
There are many pros to using hemp versus cotton or other fabrics. Hemp is very eco-friendly compared to many other different fabric choices. In fact, it uses a whopping 5 times less water than cotton. Hemp is lightweight, absorbent and even weather resistant, meaning UV and mold resistant to some extent. It’s also less expensive to farm versus cotton and can be blended with a variety of other fabrics depending on the needs of the clothing.
Customer Testimonials
Exceeded my expectations!
These were perfect and did exactly what they say they’re going to. They stayed on and in place for over 12 hours, and came off easily. I’m a 34 DD so not small chested either!
Lizzy B.
Too good to be true!
I wore these with a dress with deep v front and back. I refer to my breasts as mommy breasts because they have wear and tear from breastfeeding. Anyway, the lift and shape bra worked soooo well. I'm happy I bought it.
Anna B.
Lifted like no other product used before.
Suzette S.
Stylist Approved
Fashion insiders can’t get enough of the Game Changer bra. Our customers rave about the versatility of use, how long it lasts and the comfort it offers, even for extended periods of wear.
How to Apply/Style
Not sure how to apply your Game Changer bra? Check out our instructional video on what to do:
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